Insanity Day 10 & 11

Day 10 & 11 – completed!  And what a workout it was…I literally workout myself right out of my sneakers!  I busted the inside & outside of each sneaker along the seams, on BOTH shoes!  I think Shaun T. would be proud 🙂

Although I am a bit sad that I can’t workout again until next weekend (1 – because I’m on a roll, and 2-because it’s so hard to get back into it when you take more than a few days off between workouts), I guess it is a good thing so I can go find myself a new pair of shoes! As my coach said, I guess I have made it to the “workout addiction” stage.  Hooray!



Ooohhh…workout advice!

This probably would have helped if I read it BEFORE my workout – but it’s pretty good stuff – check it out:

According to the ‘Greatist Daily’ – working out isn’t easy, but there are EASIER ways to get through a tough workout.

  1. SWITCH IT UP – with some circuit training to prevent boredom.  (Check!)
  2. Go from dreadmill to treadmill by RUNNING INTERVALS instead of slow and steady miles.
  3. Enlist a personal trainer or gym buddy to challenge you to work harder.  (Or start a blog and be forced to keep working out because you said you would and people are counting on you either fail or NOT fail.  Regardless, people are watching!)
  4. Work on form, especially when running, to get those feet moving with ease.
  5. Monitor heart rate & pace to serve as a distraction and motivate you to keep going.  (Or just do what I do and workout until you feel dizzy, take a break, and start again.)  😉

Insanity Day 9

Although still sick, probably too sick to workout, I did anyways.  I keep looking at the square on my workout calendar that read “Pure Cardio” and dreading it so I thought I’d suck it up and get it over with.  So glad I did.  At least I have three more workouts in-between this Pure Cardio and the next one which is oh-so-wonderfully paired with a SECOND DVD called Cardio Abs.  So, if I don’t pass out, cry, puke, or die from the first ridiculous strenuous workout, then there’s a SECOND one to finish me off!  Ahhh…can’t wait! 😉

Insanity Day 6 & 7

Another workout done (Day 7 is for ‘rest’)!  What’s better than that, you ask?  That I completed week ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though there are 8 weeks left to go (48 days of workouts with a total of 58 more workouts), it feels REALLY good to have one week under my belt.  I am still struggling through all the workouts, as I would think most newbies would be, but I’m completing them with everything I have and that is all I can do.

Looking forward to seeing if I can walk and move easily tomorrow.  (Well maybe not easily, but easier than in the past).  If I’m not as stiff as I have been, I’d say I might be getting a little better at this crazy workout thing.  😉  I’ll keep you updated!

This is so not fair :(

All my friends from past and present are seeing me in the new eDiets commercial, except for me!  Ugh…so frustrating!!!

This is what I’ve learned so far…I may be wearing a kick-ass blue dress, but definitely have 2 shots in a bikini!  Yay!  I can’t believe I made it to the small screen in a bikini…that in itself is such an accomplishment for me.  Just wish I could see it for myself!!!

I’ve looked all over the internet and can’t seem to find it, so I guess they really are just playing it in “select” markets.  So far it’s somewhere in Virginia, Cummings, GA, and Tallahassee, FL.

So I kindly ask of you, dear friends and followers, if any of you should happen to catch it on your DVR or see it online…please, please, please send me a copy!  I worked so hard to get where I am now and really want to see the results from any other place than my bathroom mirror.   I’ve even lost 10 more pounds since the commercial!  I’m sure that my Insanity workout will most likely put some of those pounds back on, but at least they’ll be nice lean & tone pounds.  (Those are the best kind) 😉

Thanks and if I happen to find it first, I’ll definitely post it so y’all can see too! 🙂



Insanity Day 4

Today’s workout was Cardio Recovery.  Just the name alone sounds like a refreshing break.  This DVD really focuses on stretching your hamstrings, quads, core, and hip flexors while working on your balance.  While it sounds easy enough, it felt great up until the last 8 minutes or so.  In the end, my stretching turned out to be muscles quivering because they were so weak they couldn’t hold the position anymore.  Shaun T. does say that form is the most important factor…so I took a break, re-grouped, corrected my form and held on for as long as humanly possibly. By the time my muscles couldn’t go anymore…we were done! 🙂

It really is a great DVD…I wish it was set up to use after every intense workout because I can already feel the difference 2 hours later.  But alas, I will have to look forward to it only once/week.

Next workout = Pure Cardio (so happy tomorrow is Easter Sunday, so I can at least have another day to recuperate)!

Til next time…

Morning After….

Ok, so I was stoked that I did pretty damn well yesterday during my day 2 Insanity workout.  This morning, made me question that small victory.  Around 6am, my son started crying out to let us know he was hungry.  The normal routine would be to get up, warm a bottle of milk and that would keep him happy until breakfast gets served in daycare around 8:30am.  Here’s how today’s routine went:

Me:  OMG!  I can’t turn my head, I’m so sore…what time is it?

Hubby:  groggly…I’ts around 6am.

Me:  Can you please get Maxx a bottle of milk – I’m so incredible sore, I can’t move!

Hubby:  sure baby…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Me:  &*%)!  (to myself – OK Chris, you can do this, just sit up, s i t  u p!  that’s right, slow and steady.  OK good.  Now turn and swing legs to the side of the bed and place on the floor.  5 minutes later…good.  Ok…now get up.  Get up.  Get up or listen to your son cry for the next hour!  Ok – I’m up.)  Out loud:  Thanks hon…Guess I’ll go get it since you are back to being unconscious.  (To self – OK, now hold on to the stairway banister and take it slowly…ouch….ouch…ouch, etc).  Finally, I made it down to the kitchen.  Milk is good to go, nice and warm…….(long stare up the staircase).   Out loud:  I can do this…grunt…grunt….grunt…..grunt.   Oh my god – I made it.  Hallelujah!  Good morning sweetie – here’s your milk…see you soon.  xoxoxo

Hubby:  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

One hour later once alarm goes off – Hubby:  You know what, why don’t you take a few more minutes and just rest, I’ll take Maxx to daycare today.

Me:  OMG Really – that would be so awesome.  I’m just so sore.  Thank you so much.

Hubby:  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Me:  &**(& )(*&)(*&!  (in my not-so-inside voice).  GUESS I’LL BE TAKING MAXX TO DAYCARE TODAY.  Thanks a lot!

Current Time:  1:28pm:  8 advil’s and 4 bottles of water later, I can move a little bit easier.  My shoulders/neck are still a little stiff and my quads and hams hurt when I’m in that in-between position beween standing and sitting.  Just wondering how the hell I’m going to make it through tonight’s workout when I can barely move myself.

I can only hope that it gets easier and once I get warmed up, I’ll be able to move a little more easily and complete SOME of the workout.  I’m not crazy to think I’ll be anywhere near as successful as I was last night…but I’ve got my fingers crossed!  Wish me luck!!!

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