Before and After Pics

Well, the commercial has been out in select markets, but I have yet to see it yet.  I’ve heard from friends that it ROCKS, so I’ll have to take their word on it.  🙂

BUT…and that is a HUGE but…I just saw some of my photo shoot pictures on the website…!  Yay!

Here’s are “Before and After” Pictures:

Check it out!

Photo Journal is complete!


If they can do it – I can do it!

I’m so close to reaching my goals…I can see the light flickering at the end of the tunnel!  And for the most part – I keep my motivation up with the sheer knowledge that I have done this once before and I can do it again.  But every now and again, there’s that moment (or day) where it feels like I’m stuck and my goals may just be out of reach.

Well – for all of you out there like me – take a look at this YouTube video and you will get your inspiration and motivation back instantaneously!


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