An Ode to Rodney Yee

I apologize for not writing for awhile as work has had me busier than ever! But now that I have a minute, I’d like to take a moment and express just how much Rodney Yee and his yoga DVDs have changed me.

I used to be a ‘free weight’ girl as lifting weights made me feel powerful. But I have to admit, I have fallen in love with yoga. Not only does it make me feel strong and powerful, but I feel centered, calm, and at peace! I can finally have a moment where all thoughts stop racing around in my head and I can just ‘be’. Be still, be quite, be at peace. The calmness, yet strength I feel after a Rodney Yee workout is truly amazing. As I progress with his DVDs, I find myself yearning to learn more about this art and all the wonders it can do with my life. Yes, I am becoming more fit, but also, my mood has improved, as well as my posture, and my stress level is almost non-existent just after a few minutes of one of his sessions. I just took the leap from beginner to intermediate and although my flexibility is improving, I still have a long way to go. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I feel good, and my family and co-workers get to benefit from it too! 🙂

All in all, I am feeling better than I ever had before, and I owe it all to Rodney Yee. Rodney, your voice, your tone, and your instructional teaching have made me fall in love with yoga and I am forever grateful. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.



Stop and smell the roses!

It’s nearing the end of September and in 1.5 months – it will have been a YEAR since baby Maxximus  was born.  🙂

I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by!  It seems like just yesterday, I had this tiny tiny person in my overly plump arms!

Well, I am proud to say, that I am down to 171 lbs – only one pound away from where I started this pregnancy journey.  Hooray!!  I finally made it.

I am, of course, going to continue to my original goal of 155lbs…but you have to stop and smell the roses (and give yourself a pat on the back from time to time…and now is a pretty damn good time)!

I seem to have picked up a new favorite workout along the way……Yoga!  I had tried yoga quite a long time ago, when I was overweight, and we did not get along so well.  I don’t know what has changed, besides the fact that I can see my feet again now (lol), but I am really enjoying this new form of exercise.  I feel like I’m building strength, improving my posture, and grounding myself – washing away all the daily stresses that tend to build up inside of me.  It’s my meditation and I really am loving it.  I’ve just recently started, but I’ll keep you updated on the long-term results, as I feel that they could be very promising.

Until next time…Ciao!ps – More pics being added to the Photo Journal now!

Mile Marker 177

One hundred eighty pounds on the scale, one hundred eighty pounds…take 10 days, drop 3 pounds…One hundred seventy seven pounds on the scale!

Wow…I can’t believe it.  I managed to lose 3 more pounds during my Birthday AND wedding anniversary week!  That is definitely an accomplishment in my book.

I’ve lost 63 lbs since I gave birth, 51 lbs since I came home from the hospital, and 41 lbs with eDiets!!!

To put that in perspective…that’s over 6, 10 pound bags of dog food!  Unbelievable!  I know I’ve lost weight before, but it really still amazes me just how much weight AND fat I’m no longer carrying around.  I don’t even think I could lift 6 ten pound bags of dog food, which makes me wonder how the hell I carried it around in the first place!

This past week, I really learned a valuable lesson.

You can have your cake and eat it too…just in moderation.  🙂

Another one bites the dust!

Hooray!  Another week – another pound (and 4 oz) down!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, slow and steady definitely wins the race!   And every week that I lose weight is my one step closer to the skinny jeans finish line!  I can’t wait!!!

Whomever created eDiets is my hero.  Affordable, healthy, tasty food with no counting calories…I think a statue should be erected in your honor!  LOL.  Seriously though, I’m making my goals with the help of eDiets and all my supporters out there.  Thank you and viva la eDiets!  🙂

What was in that Tequila?

I’m not sure if it was the Mexican Tequila or the spicy foods, but ever since I returned from Mexico – my metabolism has been in overdrive!  So, I decided to give myself an overall check to see where I stand since day 1 for inspiration, motivation, and confidence (which, by the way, is definitely starting to come back)!  Here we go!

Current Stats: 

Weight 183 lbs – Loss of 57 lbs since I went into labor.    Loss of 45 lbs since I returned home from the hospital.    And a loss of 35 lbs since I started the eDiets meal delivery plan!    eDiets ROCKS!  I lost an average of 1.52 lbs per week which is the healthiest way to go (and helps me keep it off for good, or until I have another baby…LOL).

BMI – Pre-Labor = 31.7 (Obese).  Home from hospital = 30.1 – (Obese).  Start of eDiets = 28.8 (Overweight). and NOW = 24.1 (NORMAL & HEALTHY)!!!

Dress Size –  Was 18, pushing 20 – NOW = 12, going on 10 (Loss of 4 dress sizes)!

Waist – Was 37.5″ – NOW = 31.5″  (Loss of 6″).

Hips – Was 46.5″ – NOW = 44.5″  (Loss of 2″ – was a loss of 2.75″ back in mid-April – seems to fluctuate randomly?! – may have to look into this one).

Bust – Was 41″ – NOW = 39″ (Loss of 2″ and down 2 bra sizes).

I’ve finally gotten to that stage where I look in the mirror and I’m HAPPY with how I look and it makes me feel amazing inside.  My routine is to get up in the morning, pee, and hop on that scale.  If it’s good (which seems to be the trend lately)…that feeling of accomplishment and continued success keeps me going all day long!  (Just ask my co-workers) 😉  I finally feel that my goals are within arms reach.  And what an INCREDIBLE feeling that is!

Well, my hubby and I leave tomorrow for an overnight trip to Universal Studios…hopefully all the walking around will compensate for the 6 hours in the car and the oh-so-healthy park food!  LOL

I’ll have updates early next week.  Have a great weekend everyone and Salud to Mexico!  😀

Back from Mexico!

What a glorious time we had in Mexico!  My hubby and I got to reconnect, sleep in, and have no responsibilities for over a week!

Although we fully enjoyed ourselves, I have to say I was a little scared about getting home and getting on that scale to see what kind of damage was done.  I decided to wait until the next morning so I wouldn’t completely ruin my honeymoon high.  But to my surprise, I actually LOST weight!  Mexico definitely agreed with me!  Although there was drinking and eating, there was also plenty of swimming, hiking, and some ‘other’ recreation activities too ;-), but I never thought I would come back weighing less.  Well, no complaints here!

As promised, I’ve updated my Photo Journal to include a few pics of me in Mexico – I dared to even include a bikini picture!  I’m on a roll…and I see the light at the end of the tunnel…it’s still a bit faint, but definitely visible!

Until next time…Adios amigos!

Fun in the sun!

I can’t believe it, but tomorrow is the day we finally leave for our belated honeymoon!  And what’s even better than 7 nights in an all-inclusive resort on the beaches of Mexico?  The fact that I ACTUALLY look pretty good in a bikini!  Hard to believe, but true.  I still have a little bit to go…but things are definitely moving in the right direction!  Thanks to eDiets meal delivery plan and my swimming/kettleball workouts…I can finally get out of the tankini and back into a bikini!

Can’t wait to come back and share some pictures with you!  Hopefully with a nice tan to boot!

Adios amigos!

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