Halloween 2011

First Halloween in our new house…Check!

First Halloween that we participated in Trick-or-Treating with our son…Check!

Having a bowl full of Halloween candy left after the night has ended and it’s still all there…Success!

What a temptation!!!  As a new mom, I wanted to make sure we participated in Halloween this year and were ready for all the neighboring children.  I think we became their favorite house…as the kids knocked on our door – all I could think about was getting rid of all the candy! Although I gave out giant handfuls of goodies; alas, I still ended up with enough candy to do Halloween all over again!

BUT…I overcame the temptation and that incredible candy smell and limited myself to just a piece here and there and sure enough, the craving passed.

So, I feel like I won – I got to experience Halloween with my husband and son, got to eat a little sweetness, AND keep my waistline.

Now that’s a perfect Halloween night!  🙂

ps – New (costume) pic in my photo journal  – check it out!


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