20 reasons to cut sugar out

20 reasons to cut sugar out.



Did you know that high levels of stress can lead to an an increase in cortisol, which in turn, can lead to weight GAIN? 

Here are my top 15 stress relievers.  Hopefully one (or more) work for you too!

# 5 is my personal favorite  ;o)

  1. Meditation
  2. Yoga
  3. Journaling
  4. Breathing
  5. Sex
  6. Laughter
  7. Take a walk
  8. Listen to music
  9. Reduce caffeine intake
  10. Drink in moderation
  11. Don’t procrastinate
  12. Drink green tea
  13. Plant a garden
  14. Playing games
  15. Eat a balanced diet

Until next time…repeat after me…Woosah.

If they can do it – I can do it!

I’m so close to reaching my goals…I can see the light flickering at the end of the tunnel!  And for the most part – I keep my motivation up with the sheer knowledge that I have done this once before and I can do it again.  But every now and again, there’s that moment (or day) where it feels like I’m stuck and my goals may just be out of reach.

Well – for all of you out there like me – take a look at this YouTube video and you will get your inspiration and motivation back instantaneously!


I survived Thanksgiving (AND the day after)!

Golden brown turkey + stuffing + cranberry orange sauce + mashed potatoes + sweet potatoes + gravy + lima beans + homemade pumpkin pie = Perfection!

What you say?!  Yes, this Thanksgiving I decided to take the turkey by the beak and show him who’s bossl!  Instead of waiting around all day eating little to no food, I decided to make Thanksgiving a day like any other.  I ate my normal breakfast, my normal lunch, and even had a glass or two of wine.  And by the time the infamous Thanksgiving dinner came around – I wasn’t starving, but still ready to dig in.  I took a little bit of everything that my mother so graciously made and enjoyed every glorious, scrumptious bite!

Fingers crossed, that I finally ate correctly this year, I woke up this morning and I felt GREAT!  No fatigue, or feeling like there was a 10 pound brick in my tummy…just happiness and satiation!

Now. . . the leftovers.

OK – I overcame yesterday (MAJOR accomplishment), but could I do it again?!  With pure temptation staring right at me as soon as I opened the refrigerator door, I closed it and regained my composure.  I put away my dinner plate and took out a salad plate.  Then I put a little of everything on the plate, heated it up, and Voila! The day-after-Thanksgiving-day turned out to be a success!  AND for the icing on the cake – it was totally satisfying!  It just goes to show you; A little bit of planning and a dash of will-power and anything can be done!

Hooray!  Can’t wait for weigh-in day!

(Wow – I never thought I’d hear those words after a holiday meal!  LOL)


What a week…what a year!

I can’t believe that my son just turned ONE years old!!!  It seems like only yesterday he was all bundled up in the hospital blankets like a little baby burrito…and now he’s officially a toddler.  Wow!  This year truly has flown by, and although it hasn’t been easy, it has DEFINITELY been worth it!  Worth every sleepless night and every extra pound of weight for each and every second that I get to spend with him and see his beautiful, innocent, and perfect  smile.

As you know – along with Maxx turning one, also comes his first birthday party!!!  And of course, I wanted to make everything just right…including his cake(s) (with the help of Grandma) ;). And what fun is making cake if you don’t taste it along the way! (hehe)

I have to say, I absolutely did indulge and throw caution to the wind and was a little timid to weigh in this morning.  But, to my surprise (and delight), the scale didn’t budge an ounce!  Yay!  So, no weight loss this week – but a whirlwind of a year all wrapped up into a perfect first birthday party that was absolutely worth a week of no weight-loss but happiness, nonetheless!  🙂

eDiets to the rescue!

These past few weeks have been some of the busiest weeks of the year for me.  My marina, Bahia Mar Yachting Center, just hosted the biggest boat show in the world for it’s 52nd year and now that they have packed up and moved out – we are now open for business!!!  Of course, the opening of season also equals longer business hours – which can reek havoc on the stability of my day-to-day routine.  But I have to give eDiets so much credit because I couldn’t have made it without their meal delivery plan.  I had all my meals and snacks right at my fingertips and because of that, I never crumbled and I never fell out of my routine.  In the past, I would have surely skipped meals entirely just because I didn’t have the time to get them together.  But with eDiets – they are already good to go (and I know I’ll love them because I picked them out online at ediets.com)!

I really want to thank eDiets for their amazing product.  As a busy mom working a full-time job, you have truly saved me (and my waistline)!  😉  Although I haven’t had any time to fit in a ton of exercise these past few weeks, I have still managed to lose 2 lbs. this week and kept up my energy to stay strong at work.   Thanks again eDiets.  I will always be a fan!

Halloween 2011

First Halloween in our new house…Check!

First Halloween that we participated in Trick-or-Treating with our son…Check!

Having a bowl full of Halloween candy left after the night has ended and it’s still all there…Success!

What a temptation!!!  As a new mom, I wanted to make sure we participated in Halloween this year and were ready for all the neighboring children.  I think we became their favorite house…as the kids knocked on our door – all I could think about was getting rid of all the candy! Although I gave out giant handfuls of goodies; alas, I still ended up with enough candy to do Halloween all over again!

BUT…I overcame the temptation and that incredible candy smell and limited myself to just a piece here and there and sure enough, the craving passed.

So, I feel like I won – I got to experience Halloween with my husband and son, got to eat a little sweetness, AND keep my waistline.

Now that’s a perfect Halloween night!  🙂

ps – New (costume) pic in my photo journal  – check it out!

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