What was in that Tequila?

I’m not sure if it was the Mexican Tequila or the spicy foods, but ever since I returned from Mexico – my metabolism has been in overdrive!  So, I decided to give myself an overall check to see where I stand since day 1 for inspiration, motivation, and confidence (which, by the way, is definitely starting to come back)!  Here we go!

Current Stats: 

Weight 183 lbs – Loss of 57 lbs since I went into labor.    Loss of 45 lbs since I returned home from the hospital.    And a loss of 35 lbs since I started the eDiets meal delivery plan!    eDiets ROCKS!  I lost an average of 1.52 lbs per week which is the healthiest way to go (and helps me keep it off for good, or until I have another baby…LOL).

BMI – Pre-Labor = 31.7 (Obese).  Home from hospital = 30.1 – (Obese).  Start of eDiets = 28.8 (Overweight). and NOW = 24.1 (NORMAL & HEALTHY)!!!

Dress Size –  Was 18, pushing 20 – NOW = 12, going on 10 (Loss of 4 dress sizes)!

Waist – Was 37.5″ – NOW = 31.5″  (Loss of 6″).

Hips – Was 46.5″ – NOW = 44.5″  (Loss of 2″ – was a loss of 2.75″ back in mid-April – seems to fluctuate randomly?! – may have to look into this one).

Bust – Was 41″ – NOW = 39″ (Loss of 2″ and down 2 bra sizes).

I’ve finally gotten to that stage where I look in the mirror and I’m HAPPY with how I look and it makes me feel amazing inside.  My routine is to get up in the morning, pee, and hop on that scale.  If it’s good (which seems to be the trend lately)…that feeling of accomplishment and continued success keeps me going all day long!  (Just ask my co-workers) 😉  I finally feel that my goals are within arms reach.  And what an INCREDIBLE feeling that is!

Well, my hubby and I leave tomorrow for an overnight trip to Universal Studios…hopefully all the walking around will compensate for the 6 hours in the car and the oh-so-healthy park food!  LOL

I’ll have updates early next week.  Have a great weekend everyone and Salud to Mexico!  😀


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