Getting DOWN to business

As the scale still reads in the upper 180’s this morning, I feel a little discouraged.  I’ve been eating right and exercising whenever I can, yet the numbers don’t seem to want to go down.

UNTIL, I don my pants for work and realize that they are TOO BIG!  So, I grabbed the next size down (that I was sure I wouldn’t be wearing until Late July) and Voila!  They fit like a glove.   I also realize at that time that my bra is a bit on the large size around the cups and grab one a size smaller.  Holy Moly…the smaller one fits too!  I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but I’m assuming that the exercise is helping me tone up which is leading to lower dress & bra sizes.

So, my total down in the dumps mood went to pure happiness  and the numbers on the scale, no longer mattered to me.  I am losing fat and toning up and if the numbers want to stay where they are, then so be it…as long as I keep dropping dress sizes!!!  🙂

Woo-hoo!  Today is a great day!  And with only one week until my honeymoon, I can’t wait to see all the other ways my body many change before then.


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