Body changes in effect!

So…I finally figured out a way to balance full-time work, with raising a baby, AND find a little slice of ‘me’ time to get my body back to a non-Medusa state!

So here’s my schedule:

  • Work the early shift – off at 3:30pm
  • Mentally unwind and prepare for ‘me’ time during the hour drive home
  • Immediately jump into my swimsuit (a two-piece to boot – so I can get EXTRA motivation to get rid off all the additional curves I’ve managed to accumulate
  • And into the pool I go!  Laps, laps, and more laps are the name of the game (at least for the 45 minutes I have to workout).
  • 15 minutes to lay out and relax by the pool
  • 30 minutes to shower and then off to daycare to pick up my sweetpea!

So, I get to work, I get to use ‘me time’ to help me look and feel better about myself, and I still get to pick up my baby and spend some time with him before lights out.  Keep your fingers crossed…I think I have a winner!  (At least for the summer months anyways)!  As long as south Florida continues to have nice weather and no hurricanes, I think this will be my summer workout routine that finally works! 🙂

If it keeps going as well as it has been, I may even post my first bathing suit picture…:)


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