Battle 2 – Victory!

Today is a great day… no, it’s a FANTASTIC day!

Today is the day I officially moved out of the ‘OVERWEIGHT’ zone and into the ‘NORMAL WEIGHT’ zone for my BMI!  Woo-hoo!  I can’t really put into words just how good it feels, but believe me…it feels amazing!

As I realized I had accomplished another goal, I decided to go back to my days just after birth and see where I stood then.   I was in the ‘OBESE’ BMI zone!!!  OMG!  So….now, I feel even BETTER, if that’s at all possible.  Obese to Overweight to Normal Weight…ahhhh….music to my ears.

The journey is still far from over, but these small victories; although slow, yet steady, are getting me closer and closer to the old me and the notorious skinny jeans folded neatly in my closet.

Only 21 days until my honeymoon…I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!! 🙂


Loving my new routine

I have to say…that when the weather and job permits, I am loving my new workout schedule.  The pool workouts are working out fabulously!  Every muscle in my body has a slight ache to it, which means I’m getting a full body workout each and every time (without sweating too!).  I just wish it didn’t hurt so much to sit!  lol

Since my last real body check on April 14th, I’ve succeeded in going down a bra size (yay!) and losing more inches on my waist and hips.  My weight is right at 190, but I have a feeling that is also because I am starting to re-develop some muscles again- Holla!  😉  My hubby says I’m the incredible shrinking woman…so let’s hope that continues with each coming week.

Only 1 month until we leave for Mexico…so as the country boys say….it’s time to Cowgirl Up!

Body changes in effect!

So…I finally figured out a way to balance full-time work, with raising a baby, AND find a little slice of ‘me’ time to get my body back to a non-Medusa state!

So here’s my schedule:

  • Work the early shift – off at 3:30pm
  • Mentally unwind and prepare for ‘me’ time during the hour drive home
  • Immediately jump into my swimsuit (a two-piece to boot – so I can get EXTRA motivation to get rid off all the additional curves I’ve managed to accumulate
  • And into the pool I go!  Laps, laps, and more laps are the name of the game (at least for the 45 minutes I have to workout).
  • 15 minutes to lay out and relax by the pool
  • 30 minutes to shower and then off to daycare to pick up my sweetpea!

So, I get to work, I get to use ‘me time’ to help me look and feel better about myself, and I still get to pick up my baby and spend some time with him before lights out.  Keep your fingers crossed…I think I have a winner!  (At least for the summer months anyways)!  As long as south Florida continues to have nice weather and no hurricanes, I think this will be my summer workout routine that finally works! 🙂

If it keeps going as well as it has been, I may even post my first bathing suit picture…:)

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