eDiets shoot – Day 2

Today was an incredible day for me.  It was the day I realized that I’m not that overweight, unhappy woman anymore…I had made it to my goals and I look and feel fantastic!  It really wasn’t until I saw my raw bikini pictures on the monitor that I had that huge reality check!  Wow…that was me!  No editing, no photoshop or touch-ups…just me.  Amazing!  Well, now that the shoot is said and done, we’ll just have to wait and see the results.   Stay tuned for the final conclusion to my journey!

eDiets shoot – End of day 1

After many hours of testimonial questions and multiple photo shoots, we wrapped up yesterday’s session at 6pm and headed back to the hotel. A few of us headed down to the lobby to share a drink and talk about the day’s events.  It was interesting to hear how everyone’s experiences were  so very different, even though we all participated in the same  things.

Brooke and I then said our goodbye’s to the rest of the group, and headed off to explore Portland and find some dinner and nightlife. Two trains, one cop, and three creepy and ‘dark alley like’ blocks later, we finally found a suitable place to eat.  We had such a great time talking about the shoot today and what was going on in each of our lives. For me, it wasn’t just dinner, it was a new friendship beginning and it was fun!

Eventually we had to call it a night and we headed back to the hotel on foot (we thought we’d do without the train drama this time) via Brooke’s map on her phone with only 8 minutes of battery left!  We walked briskly through the cold, windy blocks and made it back just after her phone battery died!  Yay!

We both crashed and now we are here at day 2 of the eDiets photo shoot and looking forward to what today has to offer….

eDiets shoot – Day 1

Arrived at Limbo films at 7:45am and headed straight to hair and make-up. Soooo much fun! I could definitely get used to the pampering :)

Next up: Testimonial interview!


I’ve arrived!

After a long 9 hour flight I have finally arrived to Portland, OR!

I got in a quick workout, showered up, and now I’m off to bed.

Wardrobe fittings tomorrow…woo-hoo!

Portland…here I come!

Wow, I can’t believe the day has finally come for me to fly out to Portland!  I am so incredibly excited, and honored, to be part of the 2012 Ad Campaign for eDiets!  I have worked so hard…and this, being my 2nd time around on eDiets, I’ve had some additional challenges.   Thank heavens I had the eDiets meal delivery plan.  I don’t know what I would have done without them!  Between working full-time, making time to spend with my family, and going to the gym, it would have been impossible for me to achieve my weight loss without the ease of having my meals prepared for me and ready to go when I needed them.  I truly believe in this product and I’m so happy that I can be a part of a great company with great people behind it.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported me!

Wish me luck!

ps – Latest picture of me working the Miami Boat Show 2 days ago – now posted in my photo journal!

Check it out!

Got tea?

Drink up! It promotes weight loss too!

Stressed in San Francisco?

San Francisco airport opens a yoga room for stressed fliers – how cool is this!!!

Check out this article by Terence Chea, the Associated Press:


Today article

On January 21st – Today posted a great article on choosing healthier options when eating out…check it out!

By Joy Bauer, TODAY nutrition expert

For most people, eating out is a normal part of their weekend routine, and you don’t have to avoid restaurants just because you’re watching your weight.

It’s what you eat, not where you eat, that matters—so long as you make healthy choices, you can continue to enjoy a night out on the town. Try your best to stick with the “no starch at dinner rule,” but if it’s too limiting while dining out, just be sure you pick one of these diet-friendly options. For a standard, healthy meal you can order at just about any restaurant, enjoy grilled, broiled, or roasted lean protein (chicken, fish, shellfish) with a double order of steamed, roasted, or sautéed vegetables.

Or, opt for a giant salad tossed with grilled chicken and light dressing. If you’re going Mexican, try chicken or shrimp fajitas (use just 1-2 tortillas and pick just one high-cal topping—sour cream, guacamole, or cheese). At Italian restaurants, order salmon with grilled/roasted vegetables, mussels in white wine, or, for a pasta fix that won’t blow your diet, spaghetti with low-cal marinara or pomodoro sauce tossed with shrimp or chicken and lots of vegetables.

In the realm of American fare, choose a turkey burger with lettuce, tomato and mustard or BBQ sauce (nix the bun), or have a bowl of any non-creamy soup (minestrone, hearty vegetable, black bean, etc.) with a salad (get the dressing on the side and skip high-cal toppers like cheese and croutons). At the steakhouse, you can’t go wrong with a lean sirloin steak, baked potato (topped with ketchup—or either sour cream or butter, not both), and a side of steamed or grilled veggies.

For slimming recipes, menus and health tips, visit joybauer.com.

ps – New pictures posted for January :)  Check out my photo journal!

I made the cut!

Drum roll please……after many many months of my weight-loss journey, I finally got the call I was hoping for….I made the cut for the 2012 eDiets Ad Campaign!  In just 19 days, I’ll be flying out to be part of their commercial and print-ads and I am SOOOO excited!  It is such a wonderful moment for me.  eDiets was there for me every step of the way – their nutritionists are phenomenal and their trainers are fantastic!  Any time I hit a plateau or needed advice for the gym, they were always there for me and I couldn’t be more appreciative then right here and now.  Thank you eDiets – for all the support that you give along with your WONDERFUL fresh meal-delivery plan.  You ROCK!

Stay tuned and I’ll finally have that famous ‘Before and After’ shot to add to my post-pregnancy journey!


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